Senior VIP Program


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Senior VIP Program

$$ $ Pay as You Go
Annual Physical Exam      
Preoperative Exam      
Post-Hospital Follow Up Visit      
24-Hour Blood Pressure Monitor      
Flash Drive with Medical Records      
Cryotherapy Dermatology Treatment      
In-Office Lab      
Chest X-Ray & EKG      
Routine Immunizations **      
Routine Office Visits (does not include Annual Medication/Prescription Review)      
Free Parking      
Travel Care Coordination      
Nurse Phone Triage      
24-Hour On-Call Service      
Continuity of Care      
Scheduling of Consults & Tests      
Written or Verbal Reports      
Thorough, Convenient Health Care      
Dr. Plimpton - Health Care Directive      
Botox - Complimentary Consultation      

* Drs. McLinn & Reed will serve as your primary physician while in the hospital instead of hospital-based physicians.
** Tetanus (TdaP), pneumonia (PP23), and trivalent seasonal influenza. Also includes vitamin B12.