Minneapolis Heart Institute
920 East 28th St, Suite 740
Minneapolis, MN 55407
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Latest Announcements

Sept 9: SIMPA patients have access to cutting-edge ultrasound capability in clinic, thanks to the Abbott Northwestern Hospital IMBUS Program and Sonosite.

Sept 4: GET YOUR FLU SHOT! All patients should all come in for their annual seasonal influenza vaccination. Click here for details.

July 26: SIMPA has a redesigned website with new content, navigation, and updated health information from the clinic staff. Watch for continuing updates!

July 10: SIMPA now has high-definition digital dermoscopy for specialized examination of skin lesions and skin cancer screening.

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Our Mission

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At Specialists in Internal Medicine, P.A., we believe that a strong relationship between physician and patient is paramount for optimal medical care. Our physicians share a common philosophy: provide high-quality, efficient, and thorough healthcare; respect the unique health and wishes of each patient; prevent disease whenever possible; and protect and guide patients through the complexities of the modern medical system.

As a private practice, our physicians are insulated from the time pressures of managed care organizations, third-party payers, and government programs. Equipped with the freedom to establish effective, long-lasting bonds with their patients that serve patient in the clinic and at the hospital bed— seldom achieved in modern primary care — our physicians are able to embrace the motivations that led them to become physicians in the first place. Our patients and their families benefit from continuity of care across the health system, with their personal doctor managing their health in the clinic as well as in the hospital.

Generations ago, the contract between physician and patient was straightforward. Our physicians cherish a more traditional role of the personal physician. We believe that it is essential to take extra time to engage our patients, discuss health and wellness, and to able to promote healing. It is our unique model that allows us to protect the health of our patients with timely, thorough, and compassionate medical care.

Please learn more about our professionals, our programs, and contact us to schedule an appointment.